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Modifying Your Home For Person With Disability

Designs Should Allow A Person To Easily Access Space

As you strive towards achieving a dream home, you should plan for any uncertainty that may hinder you from enjoying its comfort. At our workshops, on errands and even in the comfort of our homes, we are prone to accidents that can leave us disabled.

Every home should be adapted for any eventuality and emergencies. Having accessible home is not only for families of people with disabilities, but also a necessity in preparation for any accident, sickness and old age and we at BHP structures & Architects Limited can easily modify your house to be easily accessible by everyone irrespective of their Physical or health state

Prepare Your Home.

There are different types of disability such as limited mobility, sight or hearing impairments. However, one’s experience will be more bearable if they are able to transition smoothly to the new situation.

The provision of a disability-friendly environment should ideally start at the design stage of any project, the most noticeable is wheelchair access. Provide a ramp into the building, preferably with a maximum gradient of 1:12. Also allow for maximum natural lighting and ventilation to all spaces.

If not catered for during the construction stage, a timber ramp can be installed to allow access by wheelchair access to ease mobility and make a home more comfortable, a bungalow is the easiest to make wheelchair access. Ensure that the changes in level are limited.

For a marionette or flat, it is better to place many of the shared spaces such as the kitchen, lounge and dining room on the ground floor. A homeowner should have a master bedroom scale on the ground floor, in case of disability, one can comfortably move upstairs, while the law currently allows for the construction of up to make provision for one, especially in apartments.

Life technology has fast evolved, requiring less energy use. More so, the installation and maintenance costs have reduced. Where funds do not permit immediate installation. Lifts allow comfortable access to every apartment in a block, increasing its marketability.

Bedrooms Should Be Near

While preparing a home for disability, more consideration should be put on safety; consideration should be put on safety, convenience, easy mobility, accessibility and affordability and affordability.

In this case, locate the rooms downstairs and place items in a visible, lower surface area to enable easy access. Doors should have accessible handles. Change your bed to an adjustable one for a good night’s sleep. This will help distribute weight evenly and provide support for the body and spine.

Enjoying Your Kitchen

Making a few modifications in the kitchen will allow the homeowner or member to continue using this space in case of any disability. Remember, it is the most used space, but equally dangerous. One should ensure that it is spacious enough so that a wheelchair user can move around and turn easily.

Lower the counter tops to at least 28 inches high to ensure the stove tops are usable. Add knobs to cabinet accessories such as pull-out drawers.  Also, place a fire extinguisher within easy reach.

For the visually impaired, it is important to install small work spaces with all appliances close by for easy cooking. Rolling storage carts will do a wonderful job for the kitchen user. You can designate them to hold particular foods, ingredients or cook ware.

Choose flat surface worktops and burners on which one can easily slide pans while cooking. Alternatively, you can add a mirror above the over to help watch what you are cooking and also go for cookers with front push-in and out knobs to avoid getting burnt while reaching across burners.

Create Space

Homeowners to remove all fall hazards by de-cluttering all spaces, remove loose mats and rugs. Clean the house while discarding the clutter space for easy mobility.

Carpets can make it difficult to move around independently in a wheelchair because it requires more energy to do so. Hardwood and laminated floors not only make the home easier to navigate, but are also popular and uplift home value.

Buy or make specialized furniture so that there are clear paths between rooms for easy movement. The ramp surface much be rough all the way down the slope.

A Dream A Reality

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